Hyjiya HEWI™ is first of its kind
Digital Platform that orchestrates

Wellness &

for Emotional, Operational & Financial
benefit of Employees, Corporates and Insurers.

Conflicting Goals of The Health Ecosystem

Health is probably the only ecosystem of it’s kind where all stakeholders of this ecosystem have different and sadly conflicting goals working against each other.

Better Care
Better Service
Decrease Claims
Hyjiya orchestrates by synchronizing these conflicting expectations
Decrease Insurance
Increase Billing

Hyjiya has been pioneering the efforts to challenge the above attitude that has plagued the health care / insurer ecosystem, which has resulted in increasing premiums and other healthcare / wellness related costs.

How It Works

There is no silver bullet to the above conflict in the healthcare/insurance ecosystem. HEWI™ attempts to address this by seamlessly connecting all stakeholders and enabling relevant flow of data among them to achieve the only common goal - control costs.

Hyjiya HEWI™ enables employees to quantify themselves, learn more, be emergency-ready, live well, get help, take action and track progress.

Employee gets access to virtual clinics and doctors anytime on HEWI™.

Employer gets emergency-ready workplace as well as track and manage disease / risk demographics of employees in HEWI™.

Gets analytics to plan the wellness initiatives for the employees that can actually make a financial impact in reducing claims.

Insurer gets to report claims in HEWI™ for corporate HR to study the co-relation between wellness initiatives and claims.

Gets reduced primary care claims due to HEWI’s virtual clinics and e-prescriptions.

At Hyjiya, we are making a modest attempt to at least solve the problem of Corporate Health using our HEWI™ Digital Platform and the tools that come with it.


“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”
Winston Churchill.

At Hyjiya, we are committed to make a change in the healthcare & insurance eco system. We invite each of you to be part of this change change. All it takes is few minutes a day to get your health, fitness and happiness in order.