30 April 19

“Hyjiya’s Chief Digital Officer gets invited to participate in the “360 View of Digital Transformation for Healthcare” event hosted by Manzil Healthcare Services in Dubai – Apr. 30, 2019″

The discussion points and questions were around the following topics:

  1. Views on Digital Transformation for Healthcare.
  2. How is Digital Transformation shaping the Healthcare Industry?
  3. What trends related to Digital Transformation can be seen in the UAE? In the area of facility, technology and patient care.
  4. Digital transformation opens more opportunity for self-management and empowering patients to have healthcare on their own terms. Now, it’s what can patients do with the technology rather than what technology can do for them. How’s this impacting healthcare service in our region?
  5. Patients are demanding worthy and secure access to their healthcare information on their mobile devices. What are the challenges faced by the healthcare providers?
  6. What will be the key drivers and opportunities for moving into a digital transformation in the healthcare sector in the next 5-10 years?
  7. What return on investment will digital transformation bring in terms of:
    • Financials
    • Quality of Healthcare
    • Security
    • Patient experience
  8. What relationships can be developed across industries to foster new developments and improvements in digital healthcare delivery?..Read More