08 October 19

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to be on the judging panel as an esteemed judge, at the third annual MEED Awards 2019 scheduled to take place on the 27th of November 2019 in Dubai.

The MEED Awards have fast become the leading stamp of quality, recognition and achievement for businesses in the Middle East.

For the first time this year, each of the decisions made by our judging panels will be independently audited by Grant Thornton adding considerable weight, integrity and therefore credibility to this prestigious event.

Owing to the massive influx of entries, coupled with a deep appreciation and respect for your time; we understand that we cannot ask you to wade through multiple forms and entries to then create a shortlist of finalists for you to judge.

Therefore to facilitate the process, a specially appointed team at MEED, employing an auditor (Grant Thornton) approved scoring model will work diligently through the months of September through October 2019 to curate a list of finalists together with their supporting documents for your perusal. We will ensure that you will have had the opportunity to review these entries prior to your participation at the judging session.

We are asking you to join us for the second stage of judging. The second stage assesses each finalist to identify a winner in each individual category.

We are requesting that you join us on Monday, 4th of November 2019, when we will be judging the finalists of the following category and will require your expertise to adjudicate on the below:

Business Innovation of the Year

The session will be hosted by MEED from 09:00 – 13:00 at our Dubai Office. Do note the timings might be subject to a slight change, closer to the judging day based on the entries we receive. Given your years of expertise in the region, we would absolutely love for you to be on this panel with us.

In addition we request that you save the date, 27th November 2019, to join us as one of our VIP judges and to celebrate with the winners.

You can have a look at the highlights of the MEED Awards 2018 judging process by clicking on the link below:

I will of course be following up with a call within the next week. In the meantime, and if it is convenient, do please let me know if you are both willing and able to join this esteemed panel of industry leaders and to contribute to this exciting initiative.