HEWI™ For Emergency Services

  • Access to Emergency Information and medical history for free
  • Improve patient care by avoiding repetitive questions and access their info for free
  • Partner with Hyjiya to promote emergency readiness with the public
  • Instantly become a Digital Emergency Provider by adopting HEWI with no costs

No or Little Information In Case of Emergency

When you arrive at the emergency site, are you dealing the status quo of addressing the needs of
your patient without knowing any information about him or her (not even the personal contact
details of the immediate family members) even in this  21st century and that too in this Digital
era? Even if you can get some information about the person from the cell phone or driving license,
what happens if that person happens to be a tourist or an expat in this globalized world?

Right Information and Right Time with Right Means

In our own way, we are knocking on the doors of every Corporate in this region (Middle East &
India) to enable every employee with an Emergency Response (ER) code. With any QR code scanner, if
you just scan this ER code you will get the following information – Blood Group, Prescriptions
being taken, Drug Allergies, Food Allergies, Personal contacts, Primary care physician contacts and
more. On top of this, we can enable your emergency service crew with our App in such a way, you can
even post the status of the person (Critical or Non Critical and Location) in the Hyjiya portal
that will be notified to their loved ones and their employer immediately.

If you think this common sense approach to Emergency Care will be of use to you, please contact us.
We need your help to make the ER code mandatory in Driver’s License, Insurance cards, Credit cards
and more to save lives. Access to your emergency crew will cost you nothing.