Enable the digital collaboration among the Corporates, Employees, Insurers and Healthcare service providers to bring disruption in the health ecosystem.

Connect today’s technological innovation in the fields of IoT, AI, Data Analytics, Mobility, Digital and disruptive healthcare devices to enable seamless healthcare solutions for developing countries, industries that operate off-shore and difficult to reach areas.

Bring down the cost of healthcare by 20% by 2020 for million workers in the Middle East, Africa and India region.


As children we were often told many stories to help us learn and accept lessons of life, morals, and values. We were taught not to lie by The Boy Who Cried Wolf and we were taught not to trust strangers by Hansel and Gretel. Most of these fables and fairy-tales are etched into our brains and we as adults usually pride ourselves in having internalised these fundamental messages of what is deemed right and wrong. However, if we take a look back at one story in particular we will find that most adults fail to understand and apply its lessons well into adulthood if at all. The Emperor’s New Clothes is the tale of an emperor and his court who are swindled by two weavers merely because no one is willing to challenge or question anything they are being told. Long story short, the emperor ends up walking out naked because he’s so convinced that his new clothes are real. As adults most of society continues to accept the status quo without a second thought, and this is especially evident when it comes to health care. For example, we accept the new normal of “increase in premiums” for corporations, as if this concept is just a fact of life, when in reality accepting and believing in something like that is akin to the emperor just accepting that his clothes are invisible.

Here at Hyjiya we don’t want you to walk out naked, which is why we have been pioneering the efforts to challenge the current attitude that has plagued the health care and insurance eco system. We don’t believe that we have to live with the current trends, especially in this digital decade. Hyjiya has taken on the lofty goal of building a world class Digital Platform that orchestrates Health, Emergency, Wellness and Insurance (HEWI ™) for the benefit of Corporates, Employees & Insurers.


Khalid Al Zarooni

Khalid, a graduate from the University of Nebraska, Omaha, has played a pivotal role in the creation of Dubai Sports City and has been instrumental in moving the project forward to its current stage. Vice Chairman of Emirates Cricket Board, Khalid is also actively associated with various companies, both as an owner and a senior executive. He brings with him extensive knowledge of the local and International market from a community development perspective and as a Director of Al Zarooni Group of Companies. Khalid is a founder member to the team Hyjiya and a seed investor.

Hari Kesavan

Hari is a seasoned serial entrepreneur and technology executive with over 20 years of experience in the technology space. Prior to Hyjiya, Hari was consulting as a Chief Digital Officer for Jumbo Electronics, Dubai. He was also the Chief Digital Officer for Rent-a-Towel, developing a Digital Linen Platform called ioTowel™ which ‘Uberizes’ the linen management in hospitality, healthcare and other industries. Before moving to Dubai, Hari was the Sr. VP at NTT DoCoMo's subsidiaries in the US. Hari has founded two successful technology companies in the US over the last 15 years. Hari was a pioneer in building the IP that enabled the launch of IP Telephony solution from Cisco for hospitality industry globally. Hari grew one of his companies from a small technology startup to a publicly traded company with market cap of over US$100M.

Ram Mohan

Chief Sales Officer & Co-Founder

Ram, a graduate from the University of Madras, India, in Engineering and Management has played a pivotal role in building and managing sales organizations in Global Tele Systems, India as well as Percipia’s sales operations in the Middle East. Ram is a first generation entrepreneur and M&A consultant.

Ram is responsible for sales strategy, partner ecosystem alliances at Hyjiya as well as ramping up sales for Hyjiya in the Middle East, India and Africa regions.

Vijay Sajjanhar


A chartered accountant from India with over 27 years of experience. He continuously challenges the status quo and believes that there is always a different and a better way.

A consummate finance and strategy professional, he has honed his skills in the demanding industries like sugar, chemical, telecom and real estate in India and UAE. He has held key Management positions in Ansal Properties, Emaar MGF (Indian Operations), Bharti Cellular (Airtel) and understands the fine realities of financial management and business success. Vijay is a founder member to the team Hyjiya and responsible for financial strategy and management.

Narayan Raghavan


Narayanan is a first generation entrepreneur and a Power Sector Consultant. He was working with General Electric (GE) for 13 years and later for 4 years in Alstom GRID (erstwhile Areva T&D). He has handled delivery of large scale projects in various parts of the globe including USA, Vietnam, India & Middle East

Narayanan is responsible for building and managing the global delivery team in Hyjiya.

Amol Kadam


Amol is widely accepted UX/CX evangelist, speaker and writer in many leading publications within the region and conferences internationally.

Amol is also a co-founder of RBBI- region's first, User Experience (UX) & Usability consultancy. RBBi is operating in Dubai since 2011. For more than 22 years, Amol has conceptualised, designed and managed significant projects for a wide range of clients involving digital transformation, CX, UX & strategy and usability.

Amol's areas of expertise include User Experience, Usability, User Research, Strategy and CX. Amol is primarily responsible for User Journeys and UX Design at Hyjiya.

Siva Kumar S


Siva is a passionate technology professional with over 15 years of experience in software development. He has a proven track record of leading software development teams and delivering various software projects from conception to completion. He has worked across clients from India, Dubai, USA to Singapore. His notable accomplishments include designing and developing solutions for healthcare and education domains.

He has successfully led complex migration projects and helped clients optimise their cost structure. Irrespective of project size, be it building a complex EHR solution or a small app, his enthusiasm is driven by helping clients to win big and making end users happy.

His strong expertise is in cloud computing, system architecture, project management, building & leading delivery teams that lead to successful project execution. During spare time, he is constantly learning and exploring new trends and developments in the technology field.

Siva is a Computer Science graduate from Madras University with an additional MBA degree.

He is responsible for Hyjiya’s digital platform architecture, development and management.