HEWI™ For Healthcare Providers

  • Improve patient care by avoiding repetitive questions and access their info for free
  • Partner with Hyjiya to promote your preventive care programs to your patients
  • Partner with Hyjiya to position yourself as a Corporate Healthcare Service provider
  • Partner with Hyjiya to provide a Digital Account to all your patients and save time, money and resources in emailing reports and enabling every patient to be ER ready
  • Instantly become a Digital Healthcare Provider by adopting HEWI with little or no capex costs and save on your IT budgets for apps and platforms

Do you face the following in your day to day operations?

A patient arrives at the  clinic, your nurse takes him or her for the initial check to get the height, weight, BP etc. and asks the question about family history, allergies etc. Most of the time your patients either give you an inaccurate answer either because they don’t have all the answers or they are annoyed as they have been asked the same question again and again in every visit.

A patient arrives at your emergency – conscious or unconscious and you don’t even know where to start without some basic information about the patient.

Right Information and Right Time with Right Means

In our own way, we are knocking on the doors of every Corporate in this region (Middle East & India) to enable every employee with an Emergency Response (ER) code. With any QR code scanner, if you just scan this ER code you will get the following information – Blood Group, Prescriptions being taken, Drug Allergies, Food Allergies, Personal contacts, Primary care physician contacts and
more. On top of this, we can enable your staff & emergency service crew with our App in such a way, you can even post the status of the person (Critical or Non Critical and Location) in the Hyjiya portal that will be notified to their loved ones and their employer immediately.

If you think this common sense approach to Patient visit for routine check ups/Emergency Care will be of use to you, please contact us. We need your help to make the ER code mandatory in Driver’s License, Insurance cards, Credit cards and more to save lives as well as provide better patient care . Access to your staff will cost you nothing.

If you are dealing with this status quo even in this  21st century and that too in this Digital
era, it’s time to partner with us.

Mobile Enabling you’re HIS/EMR/CMS

Are you a large multi bed hospital?
Are your doctors and nurses running between the beds the nearby computer terminals to access
information about the patients in the bed?
Are your doctors and staff keep asking the same repetitive questions about the patient’s history,
lifestyle, prescription etc. during the routine visits and shift changes?
Are your doctors worried about the STATUS of the REQUEST they made on behalf a specific PATIENT in the bed, whether it has been done or not after they move on to a different floor? Do you want to bring the work flow collaboration specific to each patient in the bed between your doctors and hospital staff?

Look no further, contact Hyjiya. We can instantly enable all of the above with a simple mobile solution from Hyjiya called HEALTH PLUG for little or no capex cost.